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This is my husband’s family. His grandfather was Al Bussmann. There are many family members that live in St. Louis and I will share this with our family. Some may even have pictures and things and, more importantly, stories from the family.

By Ann Schwetye

This is a picture of my mother, Margaret Eckenfels, standing on the right with the Bussmann factory building behind her. She worked at Bussmann during the war in 1942. She was seventeen at the time of the photo. Now at 89, she could be the oldest living Bussmann employee!

By Terry Rupp

What a wonderful history! Congratulations to Bussmann on your 100th anniversary. I was a senior sales engineer for Busmmann from 1981 to 1994. I recall traveling with Terry Macalady, district manger for Busmmann. We stopped at a restaurant in Duluth GA for lunch. I sketched an idea for a reduced footprint fuse block on a napkin and gave it to Terry. He took it back to the smart folks in engineering, got it patented and it became the pyramid fuse block. Did anyone save my napkin? The fondest memories of my professional career are of the wonderful people at Bussmann.

By Ken Box

I was a District Manager in Cincinnati, Ohio, from 1976-1980. I was fortunate to be on the team that developed the marketing program for the new Time Delay Class RK1 Fuse, the “Turbit.” The advertising material showed a creature that was a combination turtle and rabbit to describe the fuse characteristics of time-delay and high current limitation. Those were memorable years in my professional career development. Though many years have passed, I consider all my Bussmann associates as friends.

By Ronald Schapp

Our friends at Madison Electric Company submitted this letter from 1939 written by Harry Bussmann, the Vice President at the time and one of the original brothers. The letter was written to Morris Blumberg of Madison Electric, congratulating him on 25 years of business. Both companies started in 1914. Congratulations to Madison Electric Company on their 100th anniversary, too!

By Bussmann Marketing

I have worked for Bussmann for 45 years (since July 8,1969). I started on Palm Street working piece work for about a month then transferred to University Street working in the office doing salesmen activity reports on an old record playing transcript. I have done various things. Then I transferred to Locust Street. After Joe Bussmann passed away, we went to Earth City for awhile, then back to Locust Street and, finally, to Ellisville. I so enjoy working here and the people are fantastic. I will be retiring this year (July 31) and will miss everyone a lot.

By Peggy Plunk

I worked for Cooper for many (17) years in a Public Relations and Government Affairs role. Editing the CooperNews, I often came across interesting and unique uses for the Bussmann line. One such example related to the JET project is contained in the attached. I also wrote a piece on how Buss fuses were included by NASA in the first Rover sent to Mars. Either or both of these might make an interesting addition to the 100 years website. Congrats on reaching that milestone.

By John Breed

One of our employees, Lance Graff , found business envelopes from 1961 from Germany and Israel, showing Bussmann as a global company even then. Thank you, Lance!

By Bussmann Marketing

We started Fusibles Javisar, selling Bussmann fuses, in 1994, dedicated to distributing electrical and electronic protection.  There was a latent need in Colombia at that time, in a country that was in full industrial development.  Today, we celebrate a 20-year partnership with Bussmann and congratulate them on 100 years.  Thank you very much for your leadership!
Best regards.


I’ve been working here for 5 years… Congratulations!

By Dean Shi

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