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100 Years of Innovation

It’s been 100 years since the Bussmann brothers first started producing fuses from the basement of their home. And in that time span, Bussmann has grown from providing fuses for horseless carriages and World War II aircraft, to offering more than 30,000 products. From humble beginnings in St. Louis, Missouri, to a global product and distribution network, the Bussmann name is synonymous with technological innovation. In fact, over the past 100 years, Bussmann products have received more than 3,000 utility and design patents, with more than 350 global active patents.

Today, Bussmann products continue to reflect a long-standing tradition of providing fusible circuit protection and electrical safety solutions that help protect equipment and enable reliable, efficient power distribution. And now that Bussmann products are part of Eaton, the industry’s top innovators of fuse technology and circuit breakers have united to provide ultimate leadership in circuit protection.

Our legacy of developing innovative products and solutions stems from a team of highly talented industry experts. We couldn’t have secured our position as a leader in circuit protection without our employees, our customers, and our community. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating 100 years of innovation.

The Timeline

100 Years and Counting

The first 50 years (1914 – 1960)

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  • 1914

    Bussmann brothers, Joe, Al, Frank, Lee & Harry founded Bussmann Manufacturing
    Non-renewable cartridge fuse is first product manufactured

  • 1915

    W Plug fuse introduced

  • 1916

    Fuses for horseless carriage produced

  • 1920

    Appleton Electric fuse & fuse wire lines acquired

  • 1923

    First patents for cartridge fuses awarded

  • 1924

    Portable electric lamp patent awarded

  • 1929

    Bussmann Manufacturing purchased by Max McGraw

  • 1930

    Super Lag™ renewable fuse introduced

  • 1934

    Fustat™ Type S plug fuse introduced

  • 1936

    Glass tube fuse business of Jefferson Electric Co. purchased

  • 1938

    Fusetron® dual-element, time-delay fuse 250 & 600V up to 600A introduced

  • 1942

    Fuse holders introduced

  • 1943

    First mechanical indicating one-time midget fuse developed for American naval ships

  • 1945

    Patent for glass tube Fusetron® & motor protector fuse awarded

  • 1946

    Special aircraft fuses developed

  • 1952

    Fusetron® fuse with 100,000A IR introduced

  • 1956

    Thomas A. Edison Co. acquired by McGraw Electric to become McGraw-Edison Co.
    Limitron® fuse with 200,000A IR introduced

  • 1957

    First product test facility opened in Sauget, IL

The next 50 years (1960- 2014)

  • 1960

    Low-Peak® time-delay fuse with 300,000 IR introduced
    High voltage fuses introduced

  • 1961

    Class L fuse patent awarded

  • 1963

    Sub-miniature fuses introduced

  • 1973

    Bussmann products protect Sears Tower
    Small dimension electronic fuses produced for microwave ovens & stereo equipment

  • 1974

    Signal Stat Company purchased for its automotive flashers

  • 1980

    ATC™ fuses patented

  • 1984

    LK NES, Denmark acquired for its high speed square body fuses

  • 1985

    McGraw-Edison purchased by Cooper Industries

  • 1987

    Underwriters Safety Devices acquired for its fuse blocks

  • 1992

    Low-Peak® Class CC fuses introduced

  • 1993

    Brush Fusegear acquired for its British style fuses
    Printed Circuit Board Surface-Mount Chip™ Fuse patent awarded
    Paul P. Gubany Center for High Power Technology opened

  • 1997

    Coiltronics, Inc. acquired for magnetics product line

  • 1999

    PowerStor® Supercapacitor product line acquired

  • 2000

    Cooper Bussmann Finger-Safe CUBEFuse®with Class J performance awarded five patents

  • 2006

    Xian Fusegear purchased

  • 2007

    OMNEX and Sure Power acquired

  • 2008

    Compact Circuit Protectors (CCP) awarded 7 patents
    Quik-Spec™ Coordination Panelboard awarded 2 patents
    ELPRO Technologies wireless acquired
    1000Vdc PV midget fuses introduced

  • 2009

    easyID™ blade fuses introduced
    Finger-safe power distribution block introduced

  • 2010

    DIN-Rail SPDs introduced
    600Vdc PV fuses introduced

  • 2011

    Compact, global modular fuse holders introduced
    1000Vdc PV complete fuse portfolio introduced
    Martek Power acquired
    Energy efficient Fusetron® introduced

  • 2012

    HPV solar inline fuse holder patent awarded
    Modular knifeblade fuse blocks awarded 2 patents
    1500Vdc PV fuses introduced
    Eaton and Cooper unite

  • 2013

    FC2 and FuseFinder mobile apps introduced
    SurgePOD™ HEAVY DUTY & PRO SPDs introduced
    CUBEFuse® Safety Switch introduced
    Fuses Made Simple™ introduced

  • 2014

    Power distribution fuse blocks introduced
    Modular ferrule fuse blocks introduced

The Museum

Welcome to the Bussmann 100-Year Anniversary Museum

At Eaton’s Bussmann business headquarters in Ellisville, Missouri, we have installed a museum to celebrate our 100 years of innovation. Please click on a section of the museum below to view a larger image. Additionally, click on any of the artifacts below to get a closer look at key events from our history.

THE FOUNDING FATHERS Joe, Al, Frank, Lee and Harry Bussmann -  1914
Bussmann moves to a larger facility - 1916



Share Your Story

We all have a history. Be a part of ours.

In celebration of our 100-year anniversary, we want to showcase the hard work and dedication that so many have given to make Bussmann what it is today. Whether you’re an employee, a customer, or a community member, we invite you to join us as we collect and catalogue photos, stories and artifacts from our rich history. Submit your entry by using the form below. All submissions will be reviewed and then posted right here, as well as recorded and commemorated in our history museum. The form below can also be used to post questions or comments about our 100-year anniversary.

Thank you for being part of our story!

First Bussmann Manufacturing Facility Circa 1916

Customer Stories

Customer Stories


I am an engineer working in Mexico City for Schneider Electric Company, and I am working on projects where we will use Bussmann fuses and fuse blocks.  I never read your story, but I think it is amazing you have a great company.

By Gerson Juan de Dios Cruz


Here is a photo of fuse testing back in the day.  They used mercury thermometers, incandescent lamps (for load), fans to cool the lamps, analog (needle) current meters and wall clocks for timing. Wow, has the technology changed since then!

By William Holland


I worked at Bussmann for about 15 years.  I started at the plant on St. Louis Avenue and then moved out to Ellisville.  I had an awesome time working at Bussmann and met some wonderful friends.  I still keep in contact with some of them.  I loved working on the crimper machine.  I’ll always remember all the good memories from Bussmann.

By Stella Clifford


Here’s a picture of Al Bussmann at a trade show in 1952.

By Peggy Boyle


My great-grandfather immigrated in the last 1800’s and built our family’s farm house. He installed electricity in 1945. The installed Cutler Hammer box was manufactured in 1940. From day one, we have always used Bussmann plug fuses. Here’s an image with the two overcurrent protection companies, who now play for the same team, working together in 1945 on a resi fusible solution that still works today.

By Matt Mohr

Story Archive

Our Events

Our Events

100 trees for the next 100 years

Date: 10/16/2014
Time: 1:00-4:00 PM
Location: Queeny Park, St. Louis County
Description: In honor of the next 100 years, our employees will be planting 100 trees.  The trees are a gift from Forest Releaf of Missouri and will be planted together in a local park.  The trees we plant will grow roots and provide shade and beauty to park visitors for many years to come.  We hope the trees also symbolize our deep roots – in the industry we serve, and in the community that we call home.

Please meet at 1:00 p.m. at Queeny Park.  Use the Mason Road entrance (Dog Museum side).  We will park there and take a hay ride to the planting site.  Family, friends, children are all welcome.  Water will be provided.  Please bring a pair of gloves and a shovel.

City of Ellisville’s Concert in the Park

Date: 7/31/2014
Time: 7:00-9:00 PM
Location: Bluebird Park
Description: We are excited to be a sponsor of The City of Ellisville, Misouri’s Concerts in the Park. We are sponsoring the live performance of That 80s Band. Everyone is invited to bring family and friends for a festive evening of in Bluebird Park.  Our management team even has a surprise for all attendees.

City of Ellisville’s Independence Day Celebration

Date: 7/4/2014
Time: 7:30 AM  |  6:00-10:30 PM
Location: Bluebird Park
Description: We are excited to be a sponsor of The City of Ellisville, Misouri’s Independence Day Celebration. We are a sponsor for the 5k Run/Walk and 1 Mile Kids Dash in the morning (7:30 AM) as well as the celebration, including music and fireworks, in the evening (7:00-9:00 PM). Visit or email to learn more.

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